Stages for Company Registration

Stages for Company Registration
1-    Referring to department of OVIR, having one year visa;
2-    Preparing an agreement for renting a legal place for registering a company in notary public;
3-    Referring to register and registering the company’s name and preparing the Articles of Association;
4-    Referring to Tax Department of place of work together with office rental and Articles of Association of Company for receiving a code and license for preparing the company’s seal;
5-    Referring to the place of preparing the seal for companies’
6-    Registering in the retirement department;
7-    Preparing Casa and sealing in tax department;
8-    Referring to the bank and opening a bank account and verification of signature, credit card in the notary public and verification of card in tax department;
9-    Referring to the customs by introducing the name for opening the case for imports and exports purposes;

Stages of Registering a Commercial Company in Republic of Armenia

a-    Required Documents
1-    Legal Address
Initially, the applicant for company’s registration must select a place for conducting its economic activities prepared upon an agreement certified by notary public between owner of company and owner of a private property and that company must be registered by that address. The place address is registered as the domicile of company. Then, for receiving the documents related to renting and public registration, it must be referred to cadastre department.

2-    Naming the Company
For registering the company’s name, it must be referred to public registration department and provide them with 5 to 6 related names and after controlling the reviewing the existing names (if there is no similar name in the national naming system in Armenia) one of the names may be selected and registered.
For registering the name of company, it must be settled the amount of 5000 Dram as public dues to related bank account.
The Articles of Association of company may be also prepared by consultation and upon the request of owner of company in public registration department.

3-    Opening Bank Account and Issuing Bank Certificates
In order for opening a bank account in the name of company, it is necessary to referring to related bank, whether Armenia Banks and foreign banks as well as a branch of Bank of Mellat of Iran in Erevan. Then, the bank is requested to issue certificates: one sheet based on the rate of primary capital, minimum 50,000 Drams and second, settlements to the bank account. Mentioned documents are necessary for registering the company.

4-    Possessing a Residency Visa
It must be mentioned that a foreign citizen may be a manager of a company when he/ she has a one year residency visa (short term residency visa may not be accepted); otherwise, the manager of company must be a citizen of Armenia (remark: For registering the company, it is necessary to settle the amount of 12,000 Drams as public duty).

b-    Registration Department
Registering the Company in Public Registration Department of Armenia
With related documents in hand, the owner of company may refer to the public registration department and inform the number and qualifications of shareholders with their share portions (the number of shareholders may be one to…).  The Articles of Association of company may be prepared in that department and in this stage, company’s manager must be determined (if the manager is a foreign citizen, it is necessary to translate its passport officially as well as translating the visas of related shareholders).

c-    Tax and Social Security Organizations
1-    Registration in Tax Department and SSO
The applicant of company registration may refer to the tax depart of region where its company registered in and by completing the related form, he may be provided with a tax code. After providing the documents, during 30 days deadline, he may refer to SSO for registering the company and opening related file. If he delays doing so, he may indemnify for delay.

2-    Receiving the Company’s Seal, Completing the Bank Account for Withdrawal, Tax Recording Book
After receiving the tax code, to ordering for making the company’s seal, he may refer to related department (applicant is introduced by registration department) and then he may refer to the bank for completing its bank account to withdraw from its account for company’s expenditures.

d-    Customs Department
After receiving the tax recording book (cash machine) from tax department, for setting up the file and registering in the national customs system, he may refer to the customs department for exports- imports of goods and clearing them from customs.

Real Persons
A real person is someone who has a private institute and is allowed to have activity independently without establishing a legal entity and its main objective is incoming using properties, selling the goods or service providing.
Citizens of Republic of Armenia and foreign citizens with ability of work as well as persons having any citizenship who have the right for employment according to law, may have activity as a real person (Article 1 of Act for Private Work).

3-    Registering the institute for Real Persons in Republic of Armenia
For receiving the certificate for private institute to conduct economic activities, a real person may refer to public registration department of one of Erevan regions and receive Form of Application Letter and settle related public duties to the bank account of registration department and enclose its receipt to the documents.

    Documents Required for Registration of Real Persons Institute includes:
1-    Original passport and a copy of pages one, two, six and seven of passport;
2-    Original regular one year visa card and a copy of it
3-    Two pieces of photos, 3× 4
4-    Registration application form
5-    Statement letter form
6-    Receipt of paid customs duties
7-    Written agreement of place of work (store, home, etc..) by registering in the notary public, if the place is rent