Armenia's exports and imports
Armenia's exports and imports grew up considerably due to stable and balanced economic growth and also enjoy free trade system since 1999, and imports also fell with the growth of domestic production. In 1999, the country's export volume increased by 5.1% and while this is import growth was 10 to the negative.
The volume of importing and exporting increased respectively 5.6% and 4.3%, in 2004. Export growth continued and reached to 31.5%, in 2005.
At present time, union member countries in Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and United States of America are the main exporter and importer countries to Armenia.

Main export items of Armenia
1.    Mineral fuels and mineral oils,
2.    Natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones,
3.    Nuclear reactors and steam boiler,
4.    Objects made ​​of cork and cork,
5.    Electrical machinery and devices and parts thereof,
6.    Underground vehicles other than toll on vehicles railway or tram,
7.    Artifacts from the Iron, cast and Steel,
8.    Cast, iron and steel,
9.    Cereals,
10.    Plastic materials and objects made ​​from it,
11.    Pharmaceutical products,
12.    Tobacco and tobacco made ​​into,
13.    Aluminum and aluminum products,
14.    Optical and photographic devices related parts,
15.     Paper and cardboard: objects made ​​of pulp,
16.    Aerial  and space vehicles and parts thereof,
17.    Soft drinks and alcoholic liquid and vinegar,
18.    Pork meat and viscera,
19.    Wood and wooden objects,
20.    Cocoa and its products,
21.    Animal and Vegetative fats and oils,
22.    Furniture,
23.    Glass and glass products,
24.    Ceramic products,
25.    Sugar and sweets,
26.    Robber and objects made of ​​it,
27.    Essences of oils and resins like,
28.    Ores, welding and ash,
29.    Fruits and edible hard-skinned fruits,
30.    Soap,
31.    Industrial Machinery,
32.    Clothing and Clothing accessories, non-woven knits or hook,
33.    Milk and dairy products,
34.    Various Edible products,
35.    Vegetables and fruit products,
36.    Products Cereals, flour and starch,
37.    Tanning and dyeing extracts,
38.    Inclusions and scum of food making industry,
39.    Inorganic chemical products,
40.     Various products of chemical industry,
41.    Shoes  and bag and related components,
42.    Artifacts of stone, plaster, cement,
43.    Other sewn textile objects,
44.    Vegetables, plants, and edible tubers below the soil,
45.    Meat, fish or shell holders products,
46.    Various artifacts of Ordinary metals,
47.    Clothing and Clothing accessories, woven knits or hook,
48.    Albumin material,
49.    Art objects, collectible or antique objects,
50.    Salt, sulfur, soil and stone,
51.    Organic chemical products,
52.    Production of flour,
53.    Book, newspaper, Image and other printing products,
54.    Tools and instruments,
55.    Toys and sporting goods,
56.    Fertilizers,
57.    Watch making industry objects,
58.    Cotton,
59.    Copper and copper products.