Iran and Armenia to increase trade and commerce to a milliard

(Alik newspaper 90/10/05)
Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said, concerning to Mr. Ahmadinejad emphasis, that the level of trade and commerce between the two countries will reach a milliard dollars this year; Salehi noted that the current level of physical volume of these transactions to the authorities of both countries is not sufficient. He explains excellent political relations between the two countries.
And noted that relations between Iran and Armenia are very good and Armenia is very important neighbor for Iran and Iran's relations with Armenia has deepened after Armenia's independence.
Trade agreements six (60) including construction of hydroelectric development, oil industry, power and ease of export and customs gains in commodity exchanges are outcomes the president of Iran’s a day trip in Armenia.
Chairman of the Joint Council of Iran and Armenia, Mr. Majid Namjoo said that Iran allocated 571 billion funding plan to implement two significant transfer projects power in Armenia. Third line of power transfer and construction of hydropower plants with energy 1700 GB are two important projects Tehran – Yerevan.
Concerning to the gas pipe line to transport Iranian gas, he said that Iran will receive a kilowatt of electric power in exchange for each issue.