Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a day trip to Armenia

On December of 2011, President Mahmoud Ahmadi Nezhad, took a trip to Armenia, with high-level delegation including Foreign Minister Ali Salehi, Majid Namjoo Minister of Energy, Labor and Social Affairs Minister Abdul-Reza Sheikholeslami, Ali Saeed Loo vice president of foreign relations, Mohammad javad mohammady Vice President of Environment, Gevork Vartanian, Nezamodin Bozorgy Head of Standards and Industrial Research, Esfandiar Rahim Mashae the Head of presidential department, Senior Advisor of President Mojtaba Hashemi Samareh, Some other guests from presidential Department, the members of Ministry of Foreign Affair, and journalists.
Iranian President with a delegation was welcomed by Edward Nalbandian in Zvartnots airport.
Serge Sarkisian and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad held private conversations after the official welcoming ceremony in Armenia presidential headquarters, the two delegations conducted negotiations immediately after the talks, President Serge Sarkisian welcomed to his Iranian counterpart noted, the new era of friendly relations between Iran and Armenia's first Independence Day of Armenia has been started not only the twentieth anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Armenia but also the twentieth anniversary is the origin of friendly relations. President announced, during these years the parties have successfully carried out major projects and new programs were planned and noted that the bases of relations between Iran and Armenia is staunch friends. This meeting is also based on friendship and will follow strengthening and development goals.
Serge Sarkisian referred to the political and economic rapprochement of the two countries in his speech, despite international concerns about its growing economy countries and developing circulation goods of two countries and expressed “We talked respect Mr. President about how good this is that the trade turnover expanded and our relations on this matter is currently located at the highest level of a physical volume, but it is still not enough.Mr. President, given the fact that hundred million dollars for the two countries and two people who live near each other is a small size that it is important to see the potential and possibilities as. As we could in a short time these figures have doubled and multiplied, Mr. Ahmadinejad said. As could reach to agree in intimacy and constructive environment in those few, where could agree to accelerate to build a third line to transfer power. And in this case, we can truly create a movement to increase volumes in our oil products market. I am confident that we can later say that in this context we can say that the artifacts have been achieved in many of today's trade barriers are removed Iranian President Ahmadinejad's speech also sincerely thank the warm welcome and expressed particularly that very happy that close to New Year's Day and birthday of Jesus Christ are in Armenia and has come to visit his friends congratulated the Armenian nation to the government and the holidays New Year and hope to go in and progress in all fields is blessed year for all countries and nations, including Armenia.
In recognition of the Armenian president's remarks on bilateral relations as desirable, Ahmadinejad pointed out that the Iranians and Armenians have historically had good relations and today they will maintain. Referring to the bilateral relations in the past twenty years, Ahmadinejad stated that during the years of independence, Armenia's ties to Iran also continues to be expanded today, in addition the proximity relations is important and full color. We're having the same culture, justice, humanity, friendship are values​​ that have existed between the two nations , customs and traditions of both nations indicated their devotion, we both, are seeking to develop friendly relations.
We are upset of foreign influence in the region. Fortunately, today we are witnessing the development of relations and there is no problem there is no problem and an obstacle to the expansion of relation. I told the president, anyone in the world cannot change the role of Iran and Armenia. We’re neighbors, and government must work together to advance our lives and we have no limit for expansion of relations. Concerning on good negotiations that Iran's President Ahmadinejad stated that the various projects taken good reviews and in the resting talks has been made on energy transfer plans.
As study how to expand trade and commercial areas of coordination required for customs problems and other paved some issues have been negotiated in accordance with the country's president fortunately, our opinions about issues related to the same area and are very close. Agreement was reached in terms of programs meeting and meetings between officials of both countries as possible beneficiary of more than done fast.
During the talks the two presidents to review issues of mutual particular supply products to Iran and Armenia and road construction manufacture railway between Iran and Armenia began. Also noted in 2010 the circulation of goods, 270 million was in 2011 to three is increase hundred million dollar.
The parties agreed that Iran and Armenia are strategic partners who do not have any border dispute contrary to longstanding historical and cultural ties. During negotiations, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, making the car road that connects the two countries will insist that he will develop business relationships.
Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sarksian also had a meeting with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad while welcome stated that your trip is a unique opportunity to improve relations between the two countries. Head of state expressed satisfaction with the relations between the two countries noted that the Armenian side will pay to implement the resulting agreements, at this meeting discussed the details of the issues on both sides, especially the construction of a hydropower plant on the Aras River, the third line transmission of Iran to Armenia, Armenia in the soil liquid fuel storage, oil pipelines and railway investments in Iran - Armenia.
Samuel Nikouyan president of the National Assembly of Armenia, along with Mr. Ahmadinejad and his delegation were met at parliament. He also told me to come when the President and Board of Employed Persons with a speech pointed to Armenia Armenia's independence during the twenty years between the two countries in all fields has been expanded and between the two countries have realized the benefits of programs and projects expected to be successfully implemented as anticipated.
In response Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also thank the warm welcome, described important bilateral relations and cooperation and he expressed hope that they describe the importance of Parliament and representatives expected to assist implement programs. Also they stressed the need to activate bilateral relations of Parliaments.
The Iranian president's visit to Armenia, Armenia and Iran's president, issued the following joint statement:
"To invite the Honorable Mr. President Serge Sarkisian of Armenia on December 23, 2011 Mr. Ahmadinejad, along with a senior delegation went for a day trip to Armenia, Mr. Ahmadinejad with his Armenian counterpart met during the visit of Iranian president and National Assembly Chairman Tigran Sarkisian Samuel Nekouyan met the Prime Minister of Armenia.
Talks of the presidents of both countries was held in a friendly and peaceful understanding and Presidents examined the various relationships and areas of current industry-wide framework of issues related to trade around the mutual cooperation of Iran and Armenia . And their governments' point of view of regional and international issues Serzh sarksian and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have expressed satisfaction to a high level of relations between Armenia and Iran that have been strong base on of the longtime friendship between Iran and he strongly emphasized further expansion of bilateral friendly relations and interactions.
 The presidents of Iran and Armenia considered important activities of the governmental Joint Commission for both countries and emphasized the agreements achieved during the tenth session of Iran-Armenia Joint Commission was held in 29 to 30 May 2011 and also deem  necessary prosecute and pursue the documents signed between the two governments. The presidents emphasized on implementation of agreements in the context of increasing in trade volume and development of economic infrastructure, energy, transportation industry and investment. During the meeting a memorandum of understanding signed providing the Islamic Republic of Iran to help development of the Republic of Armenia.
 Minutes to complete an agreement on 19 / March / 2007 has signed abut cooperation in the field construction of hydroelectric power plants on the Aras River and operation between the Government of the Republic of Armenia and Iran's government .
Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Government of the Republic of Armenia Government of Islamic republic Iran about cooperation in the field of labor and Social Affairs.

About the action plan to realize the cooperation agreements in the field of conservation, preservation of natural resources in 2012-13 between the Ministry of Environment Republic of Armenia and the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The presidents of both countries expressed satisfaction to strengthen cooperation on energy development while expressing satisfaction at the beginning of the third transmission line programs as possible in a short period of time agreed to accept this realization.
Presidents considered hydro plants on the Aras River, railway line connecting both countries and implement a strategic plan to build an oil pipeline to Iran and Armenia. Ministries and stakeholders to meet the recommendations within the next six months, all efforts be used towards implementing programs.
 Presidents in order to create conditions suitable opportunities for entrepreneurs to invest in Iran and Armenia stressed, the presidents of Armenia and Iran deem to necessary to establish a permanent peace, stability and security in the region and counted important deep regional cooperation and increased efforts to resolve existing conflicts counted most.
With regard to the Karabakh problem are both stressed the principles and provisions of international law is necessary to resolve the dispute through peaceful.
Presidents while emphasizing the need to continue to interact and share ideas about important issues of regional and global peace and security with the knowledge of international domination. Presidents of both countries regarding the recent events in the Near East and North Africa, emphasized on need to regional peace and stability and security and the establishment of legal rights of nations under the umbrella of national reconciliation. Presidents deem necessary Non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and they announced loyalty to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. They stated in the peaceful use of nuclear energy is the right of all countries, including Iran and Armenia. The presidents of both countries stressed on resolving the Iranian nuclear issue through negotiations with the Hungarian diplomacy. The presidents announced ready regarding to organized international terrorism criminal matters for mutual cooperation in the fight against these threats. The statement was published on December 23, 2011, Armenian and Persian languages in Yerevan. At the end of the meeting the Iranian president met with Iranian students and entrepreneurs. At the meeting, foreign ministers of two countries Edward Nalbandian and Ali Akbar Salehi, Mohammad Javad Mohammadi-Zadeh also Vice President and Head of Iran's environmental protection and conservation of natural resources minister of Armenia Aram Aram Haroutanian meet and discussed its ongoing cooperation of the two countries.