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-    By the initiative of  Iran-Armenia chamber of commerce, head of Japanese companies  residing  in Iran visited from factories as well as obtaining information from economic and commerce situation and meeting and negotiation with public and religious authorities of Republic of Armenia and tripartite cooperation among Iran, Japan and Armenia, a board comprising from 16 chairmen of Japanese companies residing in Iran, together with Misters Leon Aharonian, chairman of common Iran- Armenia Chamber of Commerce and Soren Shahbazian, member of board dispatched to Armenia on late 1995. After visiting the factories and negotiation with state authorities of that country, this board could obtain extended information from economic and commercial situation and industries of Armenia.

-    On 1998, by the invitation of   Iran- Armenia Chamber of Commerce, for the first time after fall of Soviet, numerous number of manufacturers and producing institutes of Armenia participated in International Fair.

-    According to the importance of travels of businessmen and traders and authorities of industries for extending the commercial relations between both countries, for achieving visa for its members and occasionally for non-member businessmen, from Embassy of Republic of Armenia in Tehran the board of   Iran- Armenia Chamber of Commerce has taken necessary actions and or provided some facilities for such travels. For economic group from Uromieh, comprising from 23 businessmen and authorities of industries of private sector of Uromieh, headed by vice-chairman of chamber of commerce of Uromieh, aiming to develop non-oil exports to Republic of Armenia, Iran-Armenia Chamber of Commerce provided necessary facilities for their travel while achieving visa for members of mentioned board.

-    Upon the invitation of  Iran-Armenia Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Aram Vartanian, chairman of Union for Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia, on Monday, Jan, 22, 2000, while dispatching to Iran, during residing in Tehran for one week, besides official visits with public authorities and industries, they met and discuss with Dr. Ferydoon Entezari, vice-chairman of Chamber of Commerce of Iran in International Affairs as well. They also visited from some factories.

-    On Sept. 11, 2001, Mr. Shariatmadari, ministry of Chamber of Commerce of Islamic Republic of Iran and its attendant board as well as Mr. Leon Aharian, chairman of   Iran- Armenia Chamber of Commerce were dispatched to that country for developing the commercial and trade relations between Islamic Republic of Iran and Republic of Armenia. Other discussions disposed during this travel were also recommendation for establishing an Iranian Commercial Center by Iran- Armenia Chamber of Commerce that was welcomed and accepted.

-    Along with implementing the policies of state of Islamic Republic of Iran for developing the mutual cooperation between Islamic Republic of Iran, Greece and Republic of Armenia as well as considering the importance of founding an Iranian commercial center in Armenia, on Apr. 16, 2002, an Iranian board headed by Mr. Alinaghi Khamooshi, chairman of chamber of commerce and Industries and Mines of Iran, by the membership of Mr. Shahrokh Zahiri, member of board and supreme consultant Mr. Khamooshi and vice-chairman of  Iran- Armenia Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Leon Aharonian, chairman of board of chamber of commerce and Mr. Amini, chairman of expert sector of chamber and member of board of Iran and Armenia Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, managing director of Jovin Bana Culture and Industry Company, invited by Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Armenia were dispatched to Yerevan. In this travel, mentioned board were welcomed by state authorities of Armenia and it has been anticipated that for establishing an Iranian Commercial Center in this country, there would take action for some visits.

Increased Commercial and Trade Transactions between Iran and Armenia up to one billion Dollars
(Alik Newspaper, Dec. 26, 2011)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Mr. Ali Akbar Salehi said: by stress of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad, the level of commercial transactions between both countries will be attained to one billion dollars in current year.
Mr. Salehi stated that current level of transactions based on physical size is not enough according to the opinion of statesmen. He said the political relations between both countries are very high and stated that relations between Iran and Armenia are in suitable level. Armenia is a very important neighbor for Iran and relations between Iran and Armenia has been deepened after independency of Republic of Armenia.
There are 6 agreements including development of commercial relations, establishing hydraulic power plants, oil industries, electricity exports and facility in goods and customs transactions that are among achievements of one-day travel of president Ahmadi Nejad to Armenia.
Chairman of common economic council of Iran and Armenia, Mr. Madjid Namjoo stated that by allocating 571 billion dollars of credit, Iran is seeking for implementing two main projects for electricity conduction in Armenia. Third line of electricity conduction and establishing hydraulic power plant with capacity of 1700 Gigabyte per hour are among two main projects between Tehran- Yerevan.
For conducting the gas pipeline, he said: for exporting any cubic meters of gas, Iran will receive 1KW electricity.

Agreement for Free Trade between Iran and Armenia was finalized
Agreement for Free Trade between Iran and Syria is waiting for Approval of GC

Moj News- pursuant to approval of agreement for free trade between Iran and Syria, we can see finalizing the initial agreement for free trade between our country and Armenia. Interviewing with Moj New, Hamid Safadel, chairman of Trade Development Organization, said: agreement for free trade between Iran and Syria prepared by Trade Development Organization and sent by government to the parliament. He said: this agreement has been also approved by parliament and for final approval sent to GC and we hope GC informs final result in near future.
Safdel spoke about preparing the free trade agreement between Iran and Armenia and added: initial actions have been taken for free trade between Iran and Armenia and according to such arrangements, in the first step, we can see the commercial relations between both countries. Vice- minister of Industry, Mine and Commerce restated that: after this stage, we can see the determination of 4% tariff for goods trade between Iran and Armenia and then tariff of goods transacted between both countries will become zero.
According to this authority, in free trade agreements prepared between Iran and Syria, parties are entitled to determine the list of goods not included in this agreement and now for free trade between Iran and Syria, there have been determined the list of 90 items not included in zero tariff. At the end, mentioning the payment for  a half of due exports rewards, Safdel said: now Industry, Mine and Trade organizations of provinces are collecting the documents and payment for exports dues and we hope the sources required to paying for remaining 50% of such due rewards would be supplied as soon as possible.