Extended supply chain of Iranian product in Armenia developed

On Wednesday's night meeting between The Heads of Iran-Armenia Chamber of Commerce and Industrials and businessmen of Eastern Azarbaigan, Shahrokh Zahiri said: Iranian traders' cooperation in this center hold the business exchanges dynamic in all seasons.

He said: the activities done in this center play a great role in preventing extra costs for exporting products by the traders.

He mentioned: being a stockholder at the center we can supply our goods in Armenian market without too much cost. He said: the main objective of this center is to exhibit Iranian astonishing technological –engineering services.

Zahiri said: spread of Iranian products consumption culture in Armenia and other neighboring countries is among the scheduled plans of this center. The chief of the center restated that: decreasing the cost of transits and Iranian trader's direct access to Armenian markets are among the positive aspects of establishment of the center.