Armenia is a good market for Iranian goods consumption

Tabriz: the chef of Iran- Armenia Chamber of Commerce: Armenia is a good market for Iranian export and introduction of Iranian goods

According to ISNA:On Tuesdays's night meeting, between Iran-Armenia Chamber of Commerce and industrials and businessmen of Eastern Azarbaijan, Leon Aharonian the president of Iran-Armenia Chamber of Commerce said: it is necessary to develop strong trading centers in Armenia due to high volume of business exchange.

Mentioning the 45 thousand tones of Iranian goods Transited through the Armenia, he said: existence of such strong centers facilitates the exporting process of Iranian goods and increases Iranian share at this business.

Aharonian said: establishment of Iran - Armenia Chamber of Commerce is a strong solution for this aim and is beneficial to both traders and exporters.

He added: Regarding the low rate of production in Armenia and its intention for entering the market, Iran could have a very strong influence on this market and export its products to the regional countries. Aharonian stated: increase economical exchange in production sectors in a way that 80 percent of the products are to be produced in Iran and 20 percent in Armenia is an operational strategies and practical solution for export improvement. He restated that Armenians are good customers of Iranian products and we should not ignore this role.