5 million share of Iranian Free Trade Center in Armenia

The chief of Iran- Armenia Chamber of Commerce said: the stock value of the Iranians Free Trade Center in Armenia is 5 million which is to be sold in near future.

According to Eastern Azerbaijan ISNA, the chief of Iran-Armenia Chamber of Commerce said: the value of each stock is 30 thousand Rials and the minimum defined exchange is two stocks per exchange.

He restated the government of Armenia has provided special banking, trading and purchasing facilities for Iranian investors and businessmen.

He added: those stock purchasers are granted the Armenian citizenship.

He considered these stocks beneficial and cost saving for Iranian Traders and said: regarding that the stocks are exchanged through Iranian currency inside Iran and then they are changed in dollar, they are very beneficial for traders.

He said: Iranian target market in Armenia includes food, industrial equipment, building materials, washing materials, agricultural products and clothing and so on.

He said: agreements and official trips of Iranian top executives have provided a good opportunity for development of bilateral ties between the two countries through free market zone.

The chief of Aras free trade and industrial zone said: Armenia could be a platform for transiting Iranian products to the target countries.

Sadegh Najafi added: concerning our countries current situation we should preserve and improve our position among other regional countries.

He informed on the development of trading room branch in near future and said: the only ground boarder between Iran and Armenia is located in Aras free zone and in the near future it would be operational and would provide facilities for both countries traders.

Referring to focus on various aspects of resisting economy, he restated: one of the factors of resisting economy is extending economical watch over platforms in different countries.

He also said:  in case of Iran free market zone in Armenia, the Aras free zone organization is one of the stockholders of the newly established center.

He added: we hope that traders take this opportunity since all business activities in this center are systematic and we hope that this would be a turning point in bilateral relations between the two countries.