Iran-Armenia Chamber of commerce
    Iran-Armenia Chamber of commerce is a non-trade institute a subsidiary of Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Mines, with a legal personality, established merely for developing the commerce cooperation as well as extending the commercial and trade relations between two countries, Islamic Republic of Iran and Republic of Armenia. This chamber registered on April 21, 1993 with Reg. No. 7471 by Department for Registering the Non-Trade Companies and Institute in Tehran.
    Founders include: Misters Leon Aharonian, Leon Sarhadian, Toomas Toomas Badali, Hrayr Shahbazian, Ali Akbar Hashemi, Morteza Sadeghi, Shahrokh Zahiri, Parviz Colini and Esmaeel Shesh Anghosht.
    Mr. Leon Aharonian has been the chairman of Iran-Armenia chamber of commerce.
    Some of the objectives of chamber include attempting for extending the communication and fulfilling the opinions of authorities of Iranian and Armenian Industries and businessmen in the field of trade, industry as well as holding and controlling seminars, speeches, conferences, symposiums, in the field of development of economic relations and transferring the technology between Islamic Republic of Iran and Republic of Armenia.